Poetry Mixtape #7



The world, pop culture, govt, -isms n -phobias n shit make me feel prone, and sometimes vacuous, a little dark? Like a darkness that will never go away. But poetry n art n music n sometimes photography even make me feel okay with that, n that maybe at some point darkness is a visitor who…


Not everything is a mermaid
that dives into the water,
so I am becoming a fiction.
Once we helped each other
swim and tried to drown
one another at the same time.
My bikini fell to the floor
of the ocean and marked an x;
made a whalebone reanimate
by force of will. On land I leave
fragments of magic for you
to wish upon, my fallen eyelashes
asleep on your pillow, lipstick ring
kisses so you won’t miss the curl
of my tongue.


Inventory #607: All of the Men I Have Never Loved by Zoe Dzunko



You are such a trivial thing now
that we have our modern ocean

liners and our GPS systems, we
are not scared of you and your

ominous name. 

—Zoe Dzunko

my book has never looked this pretty before